Northwest Christian High School ~ Lacey Cross Country

                                                    NCHS RUNNING AND LEADERSHIP PROGRAM

      “Developing world class Christian Leaders by integrating faith, academics, character development, and athletics”


We help coach and teach student-athletes to become world-class Christian leaders who use the skills learned through our running and leadership programs to create excellence and significance for the Kingdom of Christ.


Passion for authentic Christian leadership
We believe in developing strong Christian athletes who make a difference for Christ in their chosen profession. Athletics are an important tool to help young adults develop character and world class leadership skills.

Christ at the Center 
Christ is at the center of our programs. We are committed to helping student athletes grow in their faith and to live it out on a daily basis.

Service for others
Service and servant leadership go hand in hand as a part of the athletic experience. Each athlete at NCHS gives back to the local community in meaningful ways.

Practical life skills
Athletics provide a forum to use the leadership, academic, and life skills learned in the classroom. We take the lessons learned in the classroom and apply them in practical ways on the road to accelerate and reinforce classroom learning.

Part of leadership is thinking and doing things differently from the crowd. We teach and coach student athletes how to think out of the box and to blaze their own unique trail in life. Innovation is more than a word—it is a way of life in our thinking and actions.

Eternal perspective
Our daily actions in our running program focus on creating eternal value. We do our best to live our faith, embrace excellence, and go the extra mile to support teammates and others on a consistent basis. We also forgive each other when we make mistakes.

People skills  
World changers need strong people skills. We teach and coach interpersonal skills, encourage one another, and build long term relationships.

Compassion and Strength  
Effective leadership strikes a balance between strength and compassion. Jesus was compassionate but he also displayed extreme strength depending on the situation.  We want our student-athletes to learn and apply both traits.

We have a lot of fun along the journey and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Having a good time with teammates is part of life and the athletic experience. Our interactive and fun learning environments are a recipe for success on and off the field.

Belief and confidence  
Athletics provide an incredible learning forum that is different from any other educational environment. Student-athletes learn how to reach well beyond their perceived limitations and how to go beyond what they think is possible. This confidence and belief carries over to the classroom and into the workplace when applied appropriately.

Key distinctions that set us apart from other programs: 

  1. We strategically use running as a tool to help build character in future Christian Leaders.
  2. Academic and Athletic excellence are encouraged, embraced, and closely integrated. Both disciplines provide incredible leadership value over the course of each student-athletes lifetimeThis philosophy is not the case in many school related settings across the nation.
  3. We learn by doing. Athletes apply what they learn in the classroom on the road by participating in various community service initiatives or team activities that help reinforce academic learning. This approach accelerates learning and helps each student athlete grow spiritually, intellectually, and strengthens leadership skills exponentially.
  4. We coach athletes to become compassionate and strong leaders in life and more importantly for Christ. We are also committed to world class excellence in our running and leadership programs.
  5. World changing Christian business leaders serve as guest speakers to help mentor student-athletes to become world changers in their chosen profession. This strategy will be a focus of our program starting in 2014. 
  6. We actively educate parents and our athletes about scholarship opportunities so they can continue to develop as Christian leaders in college. For example, NCHS runners collectively earned about $450,000 dollars in athletic and academic scholarships for their four year college careers in 2012. 
  7. Student-athletes transition well from their athletic experience at NCHS to their career. Many student athletes experience “athlete transition” at the conclusion of their athletic career. Athletic transition is a grieving process related to the loss of an athletic career. We recognize this issue and help each athlete navigate this transition.

 Can we afford to let the spiritual and moral dimension of our future leaders be shaped by default?

~ George Barna