Northwest Christian High School ~ Lacey Cross Country

Training is Customized to Each Runner

Our season training plan is customized to the unique needs of each runner. Every runner is different and requires a customized training plan to reach their potential. We assess each athlete at the beginning of the season and monitor their progress weekly. We make corrections to each runners training plan as conditions change throughout the season.

We Love to Answer the "Why" Questions

We do our best to teach and explain the "why" behind our training methods to each runner. NCHS runners learn about the purpose and importance of lactate threshold training, reasons for VO2 max workouts, the training effect of roll on recoveries, running economy, race pace training, and much more. As coaches, we hold ourselves accountable to explain the "why" behind each of our workouts to the team. 

Something for Every Runner

Runners are intentionally prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically to run in college if that is their goal. Both Coach Michael and I are former NCAA Division 1 runners. We understand the demands and blessings of running at the collegiate level.

However, most high school runners have no interest in collegiate running. Many athletes come out for cross country to stay in shape for other sports. We help these athletes stay in shape and do our best to teach them important life lessons every day.

Our focus and heart is to help all runners reach their God given potential in all areas of life regardless of their reasons for running. This means teaching the spiritual, mental, and life lessons of running equally to all athletes. We encourage everyone to run and be a part of the NCHS cross country team.

For College Coaches Only

Please keep our training philosophy in mind when you evaluate our runners for your program. If we've done our job as high school coaches, NCHS runners will finish ahead of most of the former high school high mileage types in college.

Our runners will quickly understand the "why" behind your training methods when they attend your school. They will literally "hit the ground running" and have an immediate positive impact on your program. We also emphasize and teach leadership to our runners and set high standards in this area for our athletes. Strong positive leadership from our athletes will benefit your team in many ways. 

If you are a college coach and want more information about our high school athletes (seniors), see my contact information on the previous page. You can also view the current key accomplishments of our senior athletes on the contact page.

Coaching Methods 

Our training methods are most closely aligned with Dr. Jack Daniels, Joe Vigil, and Peter Thompson's training strategies. Dr. Jack Daniels and Dr. Vigil are known as two of the best coaches in the United States. Peter Thompson is an international coach from Great Britain.  I respect all of these coaches for their technical knowledge, commitment, and success in coaching beginning and world class runners. I also learned a lot from the now deceased Coach Arthur Lydiard through his publications. I am grateful for his influence in my coaching life. 

We also believe in conducting our own independent research as it pertains to improving running performances. No one has all the answers. We still have many things to learn. In other words, we are always open to new training strategies that work. Running is art as well as science. There is no one prescription that works well for all runners. The art part of our training involves taking calculated risks with strategies that are not yet main stream.

A Tribute To Coach Bill Kehoe

I want to end by thanking Coach Bill Kehoe for his many years of hard work and dedication to the NCHS program. Coach Kehoe was the Navigator's head cross country and track coach for eleven years. He retired after the 2009 season. Mr. Kehoe is a good friend of mine and one of the greatest high school coaches of all time. Mr. Kehoe coached many state championship teams and was named coach of the year. More importantly, Coach Kehoe is an inspiration to young runners and one of the greatest men I've ever known.

Coach Weber
Head Cross Country Coach
Northwest Christian High School ~ Lacey